Collar the market with the robbo® neckguard!

Robbo Neckguard Front Robbo Neckguard Back

The ultimate tool for the professional stylist
who cares about their clients' comfort
during and after their vist to the salon.

10 reasons why you should own one…

  1. It creates a unique "hairtight" seal around the neck preventing hair, water and chemicals entering the clients neckline.
  2. It is made from surgical grade latex.
  3. It is ideal for basin and cutting work - use while washing, cutting and colouring hair.
  4. It features a special Velcro® fastening making it fully adjustable for all clients.
  5. It is lightweight and comfortable to wear.
  6. It helps reduce laundry costs.
  7. It has a non-cracking neckline.
  8. It is easy to clean - simply wash and dry
  9. It is an award-winning British product which has design and patent protection.
  10. It is an investment in client comfort.

CAUTION: This product is made from natural latex rubber which may cause allergic reactions.

"The robbo" is a Registered Trade Mark of Denroy Group Ltd