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Established in 1862, Riffi has maintained a long tradition and outstanding reputation for producing massage and beauty products of exceptional quality.

The ability to create and uphold high quality standards is continually monitored by Riffi in co-operation with physicians and dermatological specialists. For this reason, Riffi is particularly distinguished within the beauty market, not only by elaborate top quality workmanship but also by continuous product innovations.

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Riffi has produced a series of massage and beauty ranges, designed to strengthen body circulation, reduce cellulite and encourage youthful, tender skin.

In addition to the classic collection of colourful massage mitts and straps, Riffi has extended its range to include premium natural sponges, high quality wooden brushes, as well as a selection of loofah, sisal and cotton items.

Best of Nature

Original Range

These Riffi massage mitts and straps are made from a fibre which is hygienic, hypoallergenic and kind to your skin. The main benefit of the ´Original´ items is that they have a dual effect through pore cleansing and gentle massage combined in one product. Regular massage with one of these items helps to prevent cellulite and leaves skin feeling smooth, taut and clear. Buy these products from DenmanBrush.com

Original Product Range

Cotton Range

Combining all of the best Riffi qualities, hygienic advantages and softer characteristics, these ´Cotton´ products use up to 85% of natural cotton fibres. The cotton is chosen with great care and manufactured using superior techniques to give the ´Cotton´ line the most attainable quality standard.

Cotton line

Sisal Range

The Riffi ´Sisal´ products are made of aloe-sisal, a fibre extracted from the tropic plant. Modern production technologies at Riffi have transformed the aloe-sisal into the popular natural brushes and massage gloves that make up the ´Sisal´ range. They provide a deeply invigorating effect on both the body and mind, and are ideal for dry brush massage.

Sisal Range

Natur Pur Range

These Riffi ´Natur Pur´ massage products are made from pure, natural fibres - Indian flax, African aloe-sisal and cotton. All fibres have been carefully examined to ensure skin compatibility. Buy these products from DenmanBrush.com

Natur Pur

Loofah Range

The oldest known massage item the loofah grows in Central America, North Africa and South-East Asia. The loofah has a naturally hard, scratchy surface until emerged in water, where it softens. These Riffi ´Loofah´ products do not include any chemical additives, so they remain environmentally friendly and neutral to the skin.

Riffi Loofah

Wooden Brush Range

Made in Germany, a combination of wood and natural bristles, create high grade brushes in that well-known Riffi quality. The type of wood used in the ´Wooden Brush´ range is carefully chosen from the finest olive wood, premium pear tree or high quality beechwood. Buy from DenmanBrush.com

Wooden Brushes

Accessory Range

An extensive range of accessories from Riffi, including premium natural sponges, as well as bath sponges and body gloves. Riffi processes only carefully selected sponges meaning that the quality of each sponge is continually maintained at a high standard. For sensitive skin or allergy sufferers, Riffi even offer ultra-hygienic synthetic sponges. See this range of products at DenmanBrush.com.

Riffi Accessories

Perfect Line Range

From cosmetic sponge to exfoliating mitt, Riffi offer everything you need from cleansing to make-up application and finish. The ´Perfect Line´ range includes items that are ideal for daily deep cleansing of the face and body, as well as those that are ultra-soft for sensitive skin tissue.

Riffi Perfect Line

All these Riffi products are available to buy from Denmanbrush.com

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