Pro-Tip is an exclusive brand of professional hairdressing products encompassing hairbrushes, neckbrushes, combs and tinting/highlighting accessories. The brand was established in 1975 by Viktor Frieb who continues to play an active role in the design and development of new Pro-Tip items. Pro-Tip quickly became a major player in the hairdressing industry worldwide through the introduction of its pioneering radial monofilament brushes with which the brand has since become synonymous.

Denman International is delighted to have the worldwide license to the Pro-Tip brand and is proud to offer the following selection of classic Pro-Tip products for purchase:

All Pro-Tip wooden products use wood which is FSC 100% from well managed forests.

Cert No. TT-COC-002570

Denman Pro-Tip Wooden Curling Brushes

  • Square handle grip for enhanced comfort and control
  • Finished in an elegant translucent varnish
  • Laser-engraved branding
  • Made in the UK by Denman using FSC beech handles
Duofilament Brushes
Pure Boar Brushes

Duofilament Brushes - Flexible nylon bristles are soft yet heat and chemical resistant, gently penetrating the hair to add body, volume and curl.

100% Pure Boar - Dense bristle tufts are ideal for smoothing and polishing the hair for a lustrous finish. The spiral bristle pattern offers increased penetration for added grip and control.

Styling & Dressing Out Brushes

NAT9A - 8 rows of nylon bristle

NAT9B - 8 rows of pure boar bristle

PTPON - 3 rows of pure boar bristle: ideal for wigs and hair extensions

PTH325N - 20mm diameter ´Bottle´ styling brush with bristle/nylon mix

PTH326N - 25mm diameter ´Bottle´ styling brush with bristle/nylon mix

PTH327N - 30mm diameter ´Bottle´ styling brush with bristle/nylon mix

Styling & Dressing Out

Neck Brushes

  • classic neck brush shapes using high-grade soft-cut nylon bristle for the gentle removal of loose hair
  • choose either the Tulip long-reach handle design or the Colonial, classic chess-piece handle design






Pro-Tip Neck Brushes

Pro-Tip Tinting Range

Pro-Tip Tinting Brushes


Crimped bristles ensure excellent retention and distribution of all types of liquid applications.

Pro-Tip Tint Bowl
Spatula Tail Highlighting Wand  Pointed Tail Highlighting Wand  Sectioning Clips
4 Station Tint Bowl  Tinting Kit