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"I use the Panasonic clippers daily for free hand clipper-over-comb and love them! They are easy to handle due to their light weight and for a cordless clipper the battery is great!" - Millie Fogarty - Sharps Barbers Windmill Street, London (Millie D Barber – Female barber)

"Until now I've only had the chance to use Panasonic clippers when teaching abroad so it's great to be able to get them in the UK. They're sharp, fast and the battery last for ages. Seriously, I've used every clipper there is and these are on a different level." - Mike Taylor International Barber Educator

"The ergonomic design of the new Panasonic GP80 clippers makes them incredibly comfortable to hold and to use. I recently had a chance to demonstrate these on stage and the innovative X Taper blade cutting technology makes the performance excellent, regardless of the hair type. The clipper is incredibly fast and never clogs; even on wet hair so you can use it before or after shampooing. It's great." - Roger Wigmore Barber and Product Innovator

GP80 Clipper

  • Unrivalled Japanese tempered blades and patented technology
  • Superior linear motor for constant power
  • Hi-tech X-Taper blade firmly catches and cuts the hair
  • Lithium-ion battery (1 hour full charge)
  • 50 Minutes continuous, maximum power, cord/cordless cutting
  • Double-sided comb attachments
Japanses Blade Technology
Panasonic GP80

X-Taper Blades

  • Firmly catch and cut hairs that are often missed
  • Thoroughly reduces stubble
  • Diamond-Like Carbon coating for twice the durability of stainless steel
  • Titanium coating for long-lasting sharp edge

Lithium-Ion Battery

  • Powerful long-lasting battery life (1 hour full charge)

Quick Adjustable Dial

  • Changes cutting lengths from 0.8mm to 2mm

Linear Motor with Constant Control

  • Advanced sensor technology detects the density of hair and automatically controls speed of blade
  • Linear motor keeps constant speed even when cutting thicker or wet hair
  • Smooth, clean cutting

Slim Lightweight Design

  • Ease of use for male and female professional stylists / barbers

Double-Sided Comb Attachments

  • 6 cutting lengths with only 3 comb attachments
  • 3mm (no.1), 4mm (no.1.5), 6mm (no.2), 9mm (no.3), 12mm (no.4), 15mm (no.5)


  • How does the GP80 Linear Motor compare against other clipper motors? The Japanese patented linear motor ensures constant control so the speed of the blade will remain constant even when cutting thicker hair. The linear motor incorporates a sensor which detects the volume of hair to be cut and adjusts the power automatically to maintain blade speed.
  • What is the main benefit of having an X-Taper Blade on the GP80? The Japanese patented X-Taper blade firmly catches and cuts the hair preventing it from escaping and thus reducing stubble. The top (moving) blade is made from stainless steel, but coated in Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) for extra durability. The bottom (fixed) blade is also made from stainless steel, but coated in Titanium Nitride (TiN) for long-lasting sharpness.
  • What is a Lithium-Ion Battery and what does this mean for the GP80? Lithium-ion is a lightweight battery with no memory, making the GP80 a slimline, compact and lightweight clipper for easy handling. It also means that the clipper has a quick 1-hour full charge capability and it lasts longer during cuts.
  • What are the adjustable cutting lengths of the GP80 clipper? The GP80 incorporates a rotary dial which conveniently adjusts the blade length from 0.8mm to 1.1mm, 1.4mm, 1.7mm and 2.0mm (without comb attachments).
  • What are the equivalent number sizes of the double-sided comb attachments for the GP80? The unique and convenient double-sided comb attachments incorporate the cutting lengths of 6 sizes into only 3 comb attachments, 3mm (no.1), 4mm (no.1.5), 6mm (no.2), 9mm (no.3), 12mm (no.4), 15mm (no.5)
  • What happens if the cordless GP80 starts to run out of power mid-cut? As the power is starting to run low, there will be a 5-minute warning, where a red light will flash continuously before the clipper stops completely. If this happens mid-cut, then simply attach the cord to the clipper and continue cutting.
  • How do the double-sided comb attachments attach to the GP80? The dial must be set to 0.8mm before attempting to fit any of the double-sided comb attachments. They also attach and detach from the side of the blade, instead of traditionally from the top of the blade.
  • How should the Panasonic Professional products be maintained to ensure maximum cutting performance? It is essential that the blades be maintained regularly, i.e. at least once per week. This should involve removing the blade for cleaning and lubrication purposes.
  • What is the best way of removing the GP80 blade for cleaning purposes? Ensure that the clipper is switched off, position the dial at 2.0mm and push the blade forward very carefully with your thumb (do not let the blade drop on the floor!). Press down on the cleaning lever within the blade to remove loose hairs and add a few drops of lubricant between the fixed and moving blades. To reattach the blade again, ensure that the dial is positioned at 2.0mm. Fit the blade onto the mounting hook and push it until it clicks into place.

GP21 Trimmer

  • Ni-MH battery (8 hours full charge)
  • 40 Minutes continuous, maximum power, cordless cutting
  • Ergonomic design with soft rubber grip for maximum comfort
  • Easy to hold and lightweight (only 115g)
  • Ideal for fine blending and neck/beard touch-ups
  • Includes 2 comb attachments (3mm and 6mm), oil and cleaning brush
Panasonic GP21 with Stand

Servicing & Repair

Should your Panasonic clipper or trimmer develop a fault within the 12-month guarantee period, please contact the Olympic Shaver Centre and they will arrange to have it collected, sent to the service centre and returned to you free-of-charge.

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