Denman International is the proud owner of the Denman brand, alongside other well-known brands within the hair industry such as Pro-Tip, Comby, Pashana, Jack Dean, Magicap, Starflite, Black Diamond and Robbo. Denman International is also the exclusive agent for Oster in the UK and Ireland and offers a range of clippers and trimmers, which cater for all professional needs from the hairdressing trainee to the most discerning barber who demands the very best.

Since 1924, Oster has been producing high quality, value-for-money hairdressing and barbering clippers.

A worldwide reputation for clippers of exceptional quality has been founded on the success of the Oster motors and the precision-ground Oster blades. The two motor types are as follows:-

Pivot Motor - Long-life motor providing a dual power stroke. Twice as powerful as an electromagnetic motor, a pivot motor delivers smoother, faster and superior performance.

Rotary Motor - Quiet, extremely durable motor which has been engineered to move the blade against the comb for powerful, clean and efficient cutting regardless of hair length or texture.

Oster Clippers

The Oster Cryogen-X blades are created through a deep freeze technological process, which involves freezing the blades to 150°C below zero - dramatically increasing the steel's durability. This means that the blades start out sharp and stay sharp longer.

The Oster Range:

C200 ION

  • Professional cord/cordless lightweight rechargeable clipper
  • Powerful rotary motor which goes through wet or dry hair
  • Long lasting lithium ion technology
  • Easy to use adjustable ring for changing blade length (5 different cutting lengths)
  • Removable and adjustable stainless steel blade
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Continual running time of 2 hours (1 hour charge time)
  • Green LED light changes to red when the clipper needs recharging
Oster 76987

Heavy Duty 97-60

  • Corded rotary motor clipper for continuous professional use
  • Powerful and quiet clipper with quick and easy to change detachable blade
  • Supplied with size 0000 (0.25mm) shaving blade
  • 10 optional blades available
  • 8 optional comb attachments available
Oster 97-60

NEW MX Pro Clipper

  • Powerful magnetic motor that cuts quickly and efficiently through wet or dry hair
  • Great for precise fades, tapering and clipper over comb techniques
  • Adjustable blade from 000 (0.5mm) to 1 (2.4mm)
  • Innovative blade design for more precise cutting angles
  • Delivers 6,000 blade strokes per minute
  • Perfect for cutting wet & dry hair
  • Ideal for all hair types
  • Contoured shape which is easy to hold
  • Supplied with 4 comb attachments - 3mm (no.1), 6mm (no.2), 9mm (no.3), 12mm (no.4)

Oster MX Pro Clipper

Pro-Power 606-60

  • Corded clipper with touch lever adjustable blade
  • Pivot motor provides enough power to cut wet or dry hair
  • Adjustable blade allows quick change of length from size 000 (0.1mm) and size 1 (3mm)
  • Supplied with 4 comb attachments
  • Lubricating oil and cleaning brush also included
Oster 606-60

Whisper 616-70

  • Corded clipper with detachable blade for versatile clipper cutting
  • Smooth-running, silent pivot motor for powerful cutting
  • Performs well on both wet and dry hair
  • Supplied with two titanium-coated cutting blades: size 1 (3mm) and 0000 (0.1mm)
  • 3 comb attachments included
Oster 616-60

Finisher 59-84

  • Corded heavy duty precision trimmer
  • Quiet, yet powerful pivot motor trimmer
  • Extremely fine and precise detachable, size 000 (0.25mm) T-Blade
  • Compact and lightweight for trimming around the ears, neck, sideburns, beard and moustache
  • Complete with 2 attachment combs
  • Optional size 000 (0.25mm) narrow blade also available
Oster 59-84

Artisan 76998

  • Cord/Cordless rechargeable trimmer with powerful silent motor
  • Conveniently short charging time and approximately 45 minutes run time
  • Includes 2 detachable snap-on titanium-coated blades: size 00000 (0.2mm) and size 000 (0.5mm)
  • 5 attachment combs included
Oster 76997

Adjust-Pro 76956

  • Corded, powerful and lightweight clipper with silent pivot motor
  • Adjustable blade from very close cutting size 0000 (0.1mm) to medium length size 1 (3mm)
  • Ergonomic shape with soft-touch anti-slip grip to help reduce hand and wrist fatigue
  • Performs well on wet or dry hair
  • Supplied with 8 comb attachments, 1 finishing comb and 1 clipper comb
Oster Adjust-Pro

In the UK, please freefone 0800 262509 for details of Oster stockists in your area. For more information on the Oster brand, visit the Oster website

Please note that the electrical supply within the UK and Europe carries a 240 voltage, whereas the USA carries a 110 voltage. Therefore, we recommend that you do not purchase an Oster clipper or trimmer from the US for use within the UK or Europe. The use of a converter/transformer with a US clipper or trimmer will decrease the functionality and effectiveness of the product.


Kool Lube Spray

  • Disinfects, lubricates and cools clipper blades simultaneously
  • Cleans away hair and dirt and provides lubrication for even and effective cutting
  • Keeps blades sharp guaranteeing a longer working life
Oster Kool Lube

Blade Lube

  • Premium lubricating oil
  • Designed for professional use
  • Meets the FDA purity standards
  • Ideal for use on all clippers and blades
  • Regular use prolongs the clipper life
Oster Blade Lube

Anti-Static Professional Clipper Combs

  • Smooth, ridge-free surface for precise scissor and clipper over comb techniques
  • Strong, yet flexible material which is virtually unbreakable
  • Heat and chemical resistant
  • Available in black or white

Oster Clipper Combs


Should your Oster clipper or trimmer develop a fault within the 12-month guarantee period, please call Denman on 028 9146 2141 and we will arrange to have it collected, sent to our service centre in Ireland and then returned to you free-of-charge.

Please note that proof of purchase is required.