What is Nitty Gritty?

Nitty Gritty is an award-winning collection of products developed by three mums in a London kitchen!

The Nitty Gritty range is an unbeatable system consisting of an Aromatherapy Head Lice Solution, a Repellent Spray and a NitFree Comb. Used together they provide a 100% effective way to remove all head lice, nits and eggs.

Aromatherapy Head Lice Solution

The Aromatherapy Head Lice Solution contains no pesticides or organophosphates making it suitable for the whole family including people with a nut allergy or asthma. It is ideal for wet-combing which is recommended by the NHS as the most effective method for eradicating head lice.

Headlice Treatment

NitFree Comb

The NitFree Comb removes ALL head lice, nits and eggs quickly and easily. It features "microspiral" steel teeth which are kind to children but lethal to head lice.

Nitfree Comb

Repellent Spray

The Repellent Spray has been formulated with lavender, tea tree and neam essential oils keeping head lice at bay the natural way.

Repellent Spray


  1. Apply the Nitty Gritty Head Lice Solution.
  2. Part the hair into sections.
  3. Comb through each section of hair using the NitFree Comb.
  4. Check and clear the comb after each stroke.
  5. Once the hair is completely clear, treat with Nitty Gritty Repellent Spray.