Magicap Model

Why Choose Magicap?

  • It provides an ultra-close fit.
  • It features a protective brim.
  • The client's hairline is clearly visible.
  • It self seals and does not bleed back.
  • It is re-usable.
  • It achieves the same colour results every time.
  • It eliminates the banding effect that often happens with continuous use of foils.
  • It is perfect for hightlighting really short hair. Foils simply cannot do the job as well as Magicap.
  • You can stop the process at any time and start over if need be.
  • Magicap allows the colour technician to process more than one client at a time with ease

The MAGICAP product range includes:

Magicap Classic

Magicap Classic

  • The best-selling Magicap product.
  • (Item Code: MGCP)
Magicap Elite

Magicap Elite

  • Deluxe silicone version of the Magicap featuring pre-punctured holes.
  • (Item Code: ELITE)
Magicap Neon

Magicap Neon

  • A range of bright colours supplied in a re-sealable pouch.
  • (Item Code: NEON: Lilac, Blue, Pink, Yellow, Green)
Magicap Disposable Caps

Magicap Disposables

  • Available in boxes of 4 or 12.
  • XP7 Cap incorporates a neck protector.
  • (Item Code: XP7 4 per box; DMGCP 12 per box)
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