"If it's not useful and unique, why make it?"

  • Collexia brand created exclusively to serve the hairdressing professional
  • Pre-eminent manufacturer of hair, beauty and well-being products
  • Designed and developed in Italy
  • Industry-leading research and development laboratory and test facilities
  • Investors in innovation – All Collexia products are patented
  • Growing global company – Europe, South America, Far East
  • Reputable company – more than 400 staff in 6 countries generating over £150m turnover

"Even though the Collexia dryer is really fast and really powerful, you always have complete control over the airflow. It's imperative that you have absolute control over the direction of the airflow otherwise the shine, smoothness and finish will never be perfect. The different nozzles mean you can tailor the width of the airflow to the brush size and dry the whole section evenly. Love it!"
Paul Falltrick


  • Patented, ultra-fast 'dual-fan' technology
  • Reduced drying time with precision performance
  • Innovative design incorporating ergonomic comfort
  • The next generation of tools for the professional hairdresser
Collexia Professional

Italian Excellence in Innovation

Unique Compact Dryer

"The Stafford Hair team provide top-level stage demonstrations and education sessions across the world. Our dryers are in constant use, whether it’s in the salon, in the studio or on stage. That’s why we choose Collexia. Lightweight but powerful, they are dependably robust and - most importantly - perfectly balanced for intensive, long power-drying or quick flash-drying. They are the first thing we pack when we travel."
Paul Stafford, Stafford Hair, Belfast.

Unique Dual Fan Technology Patented Worldwide
Innovative two fan hairdryer, revolutionising blowdrying for the professional stylist

3 Ultra-Slim Directional Nozzles
Ribbed, anti-burn nozzles focus powerful air-flow for precision drying, increased performance and perfect results

Innovative Design

  • Exceptionally lightweight
  • Ergonomic handle for added comfort
  • Powerful 2000w motor
  • 3 speed and 3 temperature settings
  • Lockable cold-shot button

Quick-Release Filter
Washable, fine-mesh motor-protecting filter

2-in-1 Diffuser
Slow-flow diffuser with flat "shower head" or open "finger cup" options

Collexia Compact Hairdryer

3 Ultra-Slim Directional Nozzels

2-in-1 Diffuser


The science: Narrow nozzles combined with the dual-fan power maximise the airflow rate and create powerful air pressure force ontoeach section of hair. No other dryer has this combination of factors and scientific tests have proven that the Collexia dryer generates 70% more air force per section than the closest competitor. This is why Collexia can guarantee that when it comes to physical power and actual drying speed, there is no comparable dryer on the market.

Tests conducted at Pisa University by Department of Energetics L.Poggi

Tests conducted at Pisa University by Department of Energetics L.Poggi

Combining the latest advances in motor design, dual-fan technology and ultra-slim nozzles, Collexia’s technical engineers have created a professional hairdryer that reduces drying time by half but with no loss of control for precise, creative styling.